MINUTEMEN of Maryland Website

Who are we ?

In the late 1960's as the area surrounding Washington, D.C. began to really grow, a group of men from diverse backgrounds found themselves in a suburban area east of the city. By virtue of their proximity and their shared interest in sports at all levels, they gradually came to recognize in each other some special qualities. So in the long hours involved in coaching, cheering, transporting and watching these sporting events there emerged a camaraderie that gave birth to the "Largo - Bowie Sports Club" in 1969. The "Club" was notable for it's lack of structure - no meeting hall; no dues; no regular meetings; no by-laws; etc., etc. What the club always had was a core belief - that a little beer could only improve the status quo. That simple credo was sufficient to hold the group together and to enable us to grow to the dimensions and stature we enjoy today.

The appellation, Minutemen ( Minuteman in the singular), was a latter day development as the group diversified geographically and selectively added new members.

The core group - the original LBSC can probably be traced back to informal gatherings on Colton Street in Kettering (MD); Pointer Ridge Drive in Bowie (MD); and assorted proximate venues of a non-commercial and commercial nature. Significant among the latter were two establishments that now figure prominently in Minuteman lore - "Chubby's" and "Howard's". These and a dozen more were the places to which the men would retire after a vigorous sporting event (active or passive); a long day at work or at leisure; or "…just because". However, it was at Chubby's and later at Howard's that the more memorable "meetings" have taken place.

As indicated, the club is not static. It has grown and matured over the past 30 years into the Largo - Bowie - Crofton Sports Club, the LBCSC, that is now so well known and whose membership so coveted. The meetings, while still spontaneous, have, nevertheless, fallen into a loose pattern, some of which can be characterized for purposes of erudition. The "Wife of the Year" (aka WOTY); election meeting(s); the "Holiday Eve" meetings, and; the "Beer Exchange". Each event has developed it's own set of rites and traditions and each has extended the warmth and friendship to people outside the LBCSC fraternity as they are witnesses to or beneficiaries of the Minutemen's fraternal ministries.

At this point in our history, we have opened our ranks to the second generation as they reach their majority. We have also, very selectively invited others to participate in one or more of our activities while strictly limiting access to the inner circle - the Minutemen - to the chosen few. The club can be viewed in public at our Holiday Eve meetings, which are held at the "Eagle Wolf Sports Bar" at MD Route 3 and Central Avenue in Bowie, MD. The Eagle Wolf is the successor name to "Captain's Corner" and "Howard's" and is, in pre-LBCSC history, the original "Rip's".

The founding fathers - names that evoke a toast whenever they are spoken aloud - are still with us. They, and all of the Minutemen continue to march forward proclaiming the three Ps - Patriotism, Party and Pilsner.